3D-Online-Exhibitionplaner for the Tulip food company

3D-Online-Exhibitionplaner for the Tulip food company

Over the course of two months we have created a relatively extensive 3D-Online-Exhibitionplaner for the company TULIP. Employees can plan, create and save Exhibition stands, and „load“ past Exhibitions, to save time and money, fast and simple. But one  thing at a time.

Attendance at over a dozen Exhibitions each year

Tulip is a strong player on the international market and attends various trade fairs. Of course the broad product and services palette wants to be shown in a  pleasing and suitable way. Only in germany in 2013, tulip visited several bigger fairs: from Neumünster to Ulm and from Düsseldorf to Berlin. It takes a lot of time to plan a exhibition stand, which is why its is sensible to have a program for planning and saving the fair constructions that are often dependent on their location. Everyone that das taken on this task, can agree.

Planing is the meat and potatoes? No, efficient working is equally important!

With the help of the Online-3D-Exhibitionplaner, the responsible employee can „load up“ an old stand and customize to changed requirements without having to start from scratch. Relations, planes, paths and set elements are where they used to be and kann simply be moved with the users mouse.

New elements can easy be placed in the scene via an „Inventorybox“. Once everything has been placed, a good visual impression of the stand can be created and forwarded to exhibition builders.

Execution with Unity 3D and Cinema 4D

The creation of the planer and for the representation of the 2D- and 3D-Worlds ISCOPE used the Unity 3D-Game-Engine. With it all functions were implemented. Furthermore it displays huge feature-potential. A great advantage was also the interoperability between Unity and the 3D Software Cinema 4D. The results speak for themselves and alongside planning and displaying they allow for a free traversal in the 3D world.

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