ISCOPE is a partner of LABscope

The mobile laboratory and results information system allows information about critical findings to be received instantly through PUSH-UP services.

To avoid redundant messaging, a PUSH-BACK  service transmits a „read“ confirmation from the client back to the laboratory or system.

A List of all the results gives the sender an overview of all the results that have been examined and which ones are still pending.

The results can be marked as followed: pathologic, highly pathologic and alarm! Search and Filter functions allow for fast access to the specific results of each patient.

To assist the user in finding relevant and important results, the data is visualized with colors and pictograms.

Which display method and when a PUSH-UP-ALARM should be triggered, can be specified for each client.

Search and filter functions assist the user in the settings.

In the patients information all the important information about the clients patient is listed.

Comments can be placed and read.