Panasonic Latin-America: ViMP with certifying center and license code distribution

Panasonic Latin-America S.A.

In the summer of 2015 Panasonic Latin-America contacted us, to adapt ViMP to their needs.

We connected and implemented a new licensing mechanism, which allowed administrators to create license packages with the associated license codes which other distributors then sell to customers, to allow said customers a time limited access to the ViMP media.

A e-mail dispatch tool was implemented, that bundles the licenses into a CSV-File to send large quantities of e-mails out of a waiting list.

Built upon the afore mentioned licensing model, Panasonic Latin-America S.A. wanted to build a learning platform.

For this we created the possibility to create thematically sorted questions and defined answers, as well as randomly generated questionnaires based on specific topics for users to fill out. ViMP automatically evaluates the questionnaires and allows a manual correction afterwards.

Access to the questionnaires is granted over the aforementioned license-model.

When a participant has passed an exam, the system creates a predetermined certificate with a clear identification of the user; the identification can be validated by a web-service, to avoid fraud with the distributed certificates.

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