Screencast for the laboratory community Bielefeld

Probably more than once all of us have had a blood sample taken by their trusted doctor. And we all know that the process with the blood congestion and needle isn’t the most pleasant experience, not just for a patient, but also for doctors and nurses.
Only a few know that even small inaccuracies can render a blood sample useless. And the differing blood withdrawal systems only complicate the matter.
Unfortunately these errors are only found during the blood analysis, for example in strange blood readings.
The laboratory then informs the doctor, which then makes a new appointment with us as patients for a new blood withdrawal.

When we noticed this problem with our customer, the ‚Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostwestfälischer Ärzte GbR’, we asked ourselves, how we could improve that situation. Classical print media doest reach everybody, and would have to be displayed and available where needed. Something was needed that not only explains the complete treatment process, but is also available for every doctor in the laboratory association Bielefeld: A screencast! (A „Heureka“ would be exaggerated at this point, but a screencast is the ideal medium for a simple representation of komplex subjects.)

After we had intellectually described all the problematic cases during a blood withdrawal , we begann to write a storyboard. Here we tried to address every „Problem“ in the blood withdrawal process. Then we added a small scribble to each chapter. This made it easier for the medical expert, to see the right words for the right pictures, to correct these and position them during the correction phase.
After the content corrections were pleasantly few, we begann the audio recordings (voice over), the final drawing of the animated objects, the animation of the objects and finally with the cut of the Film.

Because a professional voice actor seemed out of place for this context and budget, we searched for a voice in our own ranks.
Thanks again to Jutta and Marcel.

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