Europa-Universität Viadrina – Livestream-Plugin for ViMP (VideoCMS)

The employer

The Europe-University of Viadrina is a Foundation University of public law. It offers ca. 6500 Students a specialized selection of courses in the humanities and social sciences.

The Assignment

In the course of the Universities IT expansion, the Europe-University approached ISCOPE at the end of 2014, to make changes to its established Video and Social Media platform (ViMP). In particular extended functionalities in the areas:

  • ViMP based Live streaming Support
  • ViMP meta data changes

ViMP Live Streaming support mit Wowza und SSL

Besides the possibility to organize video-, picture-, audio- and document content, the Video Content Management System (Video CMS) ViMP can connect to various streaming sources sources such as RTMP, HLS, RTP, HDS or MP3. These can be made available, as an example, by the streaming server Wowza (Media Streaming Server and Cloud Solutions).

A new challenge was to take the transmitted streams and secure them with SSL/https and on the other side control the access to the stream. Depending on the configuration, access should be allowed to everybody, for all loggen in users or after entering a password.

ViMP Dublin Core Meta Data

Dublin core describes a collection of conventions to describe Media and Files. It is about categorizing and making making these more findable. In its normal version ViMP only supports normal and rudimentary metadata. In cooperation with the Europe-University the metadata was adjusted to the Dublin-Core-Convemtion.

Furthermore, the metadata is (if possible) detected during the upload of Media and adopted. This allows for a precise cataloging with minimum effort.

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