We describe how we approach your web based project: Onlineshops, concept, design, websites, photography, apps or individual programming solutions.

This is only a small subset of our accomplishments. For more please see the german version.

Panasonic Latin-America S.A. In the summer of 2015 Panasonic Latin-America contacted us, to adapt ViMP to their needs. We connected and implemented a new licensing mechanism, which allowed administrators to create license packages with the […]

The employer The Europe-University of Viadrina is a Foundation University of public law. It offers ca. 6500 Students a specialized selection of courses in the humanities and social sciences. The Assignment In the course of […]

In February we were tasked to create a website for the osnabrück based company Nova Strada. While they have had a lot of experience and success as a „White-Label“ company, their brand was now going […]

3D-Online-Exhibitionplaner for the Tulip food company Over the course of two months we have created a relatively extensive 3D-Online-Exhibitionplaner for the company TULIP. Employees can plan, create and save Exhibition stands, and „load“ past Exhibitions, […]

www.laborgemeinschaft-bielefeld.de Probably more than once all of us have had a blood sample taken by their trusted doctor. And we all know that the process with the blood congestion and needle isn’t the most pleasant […]