Jens Junge


Jens Junge, applikation developer and specialist for APPs at ISCOPE:

„I already had worked at ISCOPE as a developer during my studies; that’s why is was my first choice for my bachelor dissertation. My dissertation was the creation of a hybrid application for android smartphones with a server sided PHP-backend, which would help the user in the planing of his time off and the communication with his friends.
After completing my studies I was offered a regular employment, which I happily accepted. I am mainly responsible for native and hybrid mobile applications for android and iOS with the required server applications.
Regardless if it’s a client capable, distributed System, the communication with a external third party interface, certificate exchange, usability and design, augmented reality, 3D-modeling or geolocalizing: everything is combined in my work and keeps my daily work exciting.

Of course the work with my colleagues need to be mentioned. The work climate is unique and allows us to act freely in a create environment that allows us to find solutions for our komplex tasks.“