Thorsten "Kuno" Braun


Thorsten Kuno Braun – CEO of ISCOPE GmbH:

„15 years I’ve been working at ISCOPE, the oldest, purely internet based agency in osnabrück. In that time, the company has adapted to the requirements of changing technical and advertisement possibilities. During these constant changes I have always needed to educate and position myself anew. While I was once involved in the implementation of website, I have now limited myself to project management, conception and advising our customers, for the past 10 years.

Due to me being creatively active with the design concepts, but also having a fundamental understanding of programming, I often act as an interface between web designers, programmers and graphic designers at ISCOPE.
The variety of tasks and requirements, is probably the main reason why I have never regretted stepping into the office in the morning.

By the way, that I have supported some customers for over 15 years, is something that makes me very proud.“

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