Christian van Hommert


Christian van Hommert, general manager and project lead web applications:

„Since I joined ISCOPE in 2005 to get some work experience during my studies, a lot has happened. During these long years, that were never boring, I traversed through all the layers of my field, was set on projects and tasks that were easy and quite, komplex, exciting or even hectic, and I got to meet remarkable customers, interesting partners and treasured colleagues.

Such a seniority mostly says something about the work climate, colleagues and – even though the hierarchies are shallow – about supervisors and subordinates. Every day I enjoy coming to work (and before you ask: yes sleeping an extra hour is always possible), like working in our team and am always happy about new projects and challenges.

What else would I wish for? That our customers and partners feel the positive atmosphere through the results and the cooperation.

What I do at ISCOPE? Next to taking care of existing customers, I complete new projects and plan these with the team. Furthermore I coordinate supply jobs and plan short-term / important tasks into the project day.“

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